How To Get Your Products For Free By 
Documenting Your 5-Day Drop

Sample post you can do after day 1

Do a story like that as well and add this to the next slide

Document Your 5-Day Drop journey on social media and attract others who want to do it with you. You'll be able to share your own discount link and earn rewards as a result 🎉

Right when you order
Upload this to your instagram and facebook story or something similar before your products come in

You can also post this or something similar to your facebook timeline.  (note: not your instagram timeline)

Before your Day 1
The night before your day 1, take a picture of the scale along with nice and clear before pics.

Then do a post like this and story like this

Day 2
On day 2 take a picture of the scale again.

If you have a drop already, share that in your ig or fb story

Day 2 and 3, go live or do a face to camera video and upload it to  share how you're feeling!

Or record yourself sharing and upload to your ig or fb story

You energy levels should be up, your body should be releasing unwanted weight at this point

Day 5
Record yourself sharing how you're feeling day 5 and tell your audience you'll show them what has happened by day 6 so to check back

Day 6 
Share your final scale results along with your before and afters.

Invite anyone to message you who wants to try it, too!

Order your Phase 2 products & keep your results going!

Then repeat the 5-day once a month or every other month.